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Transitions is one of my favorite things

I'm truly enjoying embracing the nomadic lifestyle that I've always lived and desired to live, to the max right now. I give thanks and Praise. We just moved into our very own East African compound. It is so beautiful. We are going to Zanzibar shortly as well, I couldn't have imagined but suddenly I can't imagine anything else. I feel so regal in every way here. APTTMH! 

Locs of Judah - Freedom Song - taking the leap of faith to move to Africa



I slept until 2pm after going to sleep at about 4am. It felt good. Today, I relax. I'm doing the sabbath on the sabbath for the sabbath. Empress Keno put in work this week! APTTMH! 

Issa growth !

I met two youbert tubert goals and had a big flux in my live views this week. Go Empress! Keep at it girl.  🥰

She deliversssss

One thang Empress Keno gon do is deliver on her word. I took some time today and yesterday to create a couple of shorts series.  Cus you know, I'm a genius and I love content creation 🥰👑💜 I worked on my day off yesterday too since I have still wading through the backlog and incoming waves. Head above water though ! 

Finally !

I am finally my own hotep meme. Shout out to my hubby for making it for me 🥰 

Exploring the History Of Africa with Empress Keno

Juneteenth Vibes

I won

I did everything that I said I would do because I was obedient. All Praises to The Most High
Dr. Harriet took these photographs of me and Remy. I love them. I am having a ball connecting with new people in the diaspora. Tap in to my YouTube channel to see what Dr. Harriet and Remy had to say about what life is like in Tanzania, especially as expats.
Day 2 of spa treatments was all that. It was my first time getting a Moroccan bath, highly recommend. I always enjoy a nice massage and I was well overdue for the amazing one I received after my bath. 


Tatu started clapping on his own today when he hears "clap your hands " 😍 He just grins and looks at both of us and starts slow clapping.  #milestones

You know how

Once you get a certain car, you suddenly see that car everywhere? That is an act of manifestation. Now that something exists in your world, it exists in the world. Ever since I decided that freedom is the center of my world ; I see and feel avenues to contribute to my freedom in the world. Love that for me.

Ok, I made it

I made it through my first day back in office after my longest vacation to date. Not only did I manage to touch 5 of my accounts and their backlog but I was also gifted with the news of growth. I am very much being mindful of the amount of time and energy I'm pouring in to work, still. The goal with working for me has always been freedom. However, I serve groups of people that trust me with their livelihood so there's no time for too many etceteras.  Today, I preserved through physical and emotional discomfort to rise to the occasion that my responsibilities demand. I mean, that's not new by any means but I'm intentional about clapping for me. Empress Keno ; I'm proud of you girl.


I was trying to work today but I am incredibly SAD. Like, straight up boo hoo crying sad to be completely honest. In my defense, my body is PMSing really hard. Like, I've been waiting for my uterus to do the drop for a few days now. But also, the video I recorded last night was very transparent and very heavy. I think about my daughter everyday and I pray that she one day can understand why I had to choose me in this season. A large portion of my identity is being a mother. I have been an incredible mother to her, quite literally almost exchanging my life for hers on more than one occasion. No one, including her, knows what I have survived on her behalf.  I expected to break down and cry a Nile worth of tears when I first arrived. That never happened. I'm sure the overflow, the release that I am feeling now is a reflection of said anticipation. Everyday I send up prayers for her protection, for her forgiveness. Everyday, I get a little stronger. I am tired of being strong to be

Self Care talks

I've really been growing and getting things off my chest with my self care talks on my YouTube channel. The edit I just finished took me 2 hours to export and is my most intimate yet. I cried three times reviewing the final production. Living in my truth out loud has truly set me free.  APTTMH 

Tanzanian culture is all about community - Our first experience with a P...


Still Relevant


A Sunday word



My first full week in Africa has been more liberating than my last year, at minimum, spent in America. I spent my Sunday morning doing dishes, laundry, and some work for BB. I vibed out to some Bob Marley and sent up some prayer. Our chef arrived for his first day with us and went to shop to make us lunch and dinner. The first meal he prepares for us will be pilau and salad. It will spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing and eating goodt. All praises to The Most High! 

We spent the day at a resort owned by a Tanzanian Woman


I went viral on Twitter

In true EmpressKeno fashion, of course I had to be funny about anything ever.

Relaxing at the local resort - karibuni kibada

I spent my Sabbath relaxing and Resting. APTTMH !

Africa ? She at work - how Americans prepared to move to Africa

I am so proud of us. I am so proud of me.

The Bird

I had a stupid tweet go viral today. While it was kinda annoying with clogging up my notifications; it was nice to give my YouTube channel and blog lil promo boost. Abundance.

One week in - Morning Peppermint Tea

As I sit with my second morning cup of peppermint tea, I feel humble. I give thanks. I am so grateful for my courage to pursue my vision of freedom. It feels incredible to be here. It truly does. To persevere through all of the challenges that made me say "enough!" To develop a concept of what my liberation looks like, plan it, execute it, no matter what ?  Empress Keno - I'm proud of you girl  Your homegirls (past and future you ) are proud of you too. It's only a week into my new life and I feel LIBERATED 

Prince Tatu loves kisses - Family time in Dar es Salaam



Today I received a comment that said "I'm really impressed with how much you love Africa " I'm not sure what the commenter saw or felt but To me: Africa represents the freedom I've always desired but just recently had enough courage to stand up and take for myself,  no matter who thought what. To me: Africa represents liberation. To me: I am Africa. A being that is constantly ostracized, gossiped about, and judged while knowing so little to nothing about her and her story. Africa? She at work. Empress Keno? She's free now.

Cooking for the first time since moving to Dar es Salaam


Friendly reminder : I am a muse * poetic snaps *


Local Market Haul - Dar Es Salaam - Less than $10 USD

I was toooooo excited about the market haul. Im toooooo excited about being much more holistic in my living. It feels good.

Youbert Tubert

My YouTube channel has grown 50% via subscribers in one day. I had my first video to cross 100 views. Growth. I am enjoying creating content and sharing it. I am enjoying watching a brain child grow.  Update: it’s officially been 24 hours and the growth is over 100%. I give thanks.

You know what’s hurtful ?

Watching and feeling it as people you've bent over backwards to help on many occasions so easily disregard you. You'd think it hurts less as you've experienced it many times before but no. Though the callus is there, I can still feel the stab. It is what it is because I can't make it what it ain't. 

Three years ago today - our first photo together 🥰


Time difference

This time difference thing is still quite something. 12 hours of sunlight and darkness daily. I like how my body seems to be adjusting to the changes rather quickly. I'm loving all of the real food and real juice. Drinking lots of water. Walking more. Exploring more. Pole. Pole.  Slow. Slow.