Transitions is one of my favorite things

I'm truly enjoying embracing the nomadic lifestyle that I've always lived and desired to live, to the max right now. I give thanks and Praise. We just moved into our very own East African compound. It is so beautiful. We are going to Zanzibar shortly as well, I couldn't have imagined but suddenly I can't imagine anything else. I feel so regal in every way here. APTTMH! 

Locs of Judah - Freedom Song - taking the leap of faith to move to Africa



I slept until 2pm after going to sleep at about 4am. It felt good. Today, I relax. I'm doing the sabbath on the sabbath for the sabbath. Empress Keno put in work this week! APTTMH! 

Issa growth !

I met two youbert tubert goals and had a big flux in my live views this week. Go Empress! Keep at it girl.  🥰

She deliversssss

One thang Empress Keno gon do is deliver on her word. I took some time today and yesterday to create a couple of shorts series.  Cus you know, I'm a genius and I love content creation 🥰👑💜 I worked on my day off yesterday too since I have still wading through the backlog and incoming waves. Head above water though ! 

Finally !

I am finally my own hotep meme. Shout out to my hubby for making it for me 🥰 

Exploring the History Of Africa with Empress Keno

Juneteenth Vibes